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Hamlyn Hall

Our Collaboration
with London's 
Royal Opera House
reimagines the intricate details found
in the newly regenerated
Hamlyn Hall.
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The arched glazed facade designed by EM Barry’s Hamlyn Hall inspired our latest exclusive collaboration with London's Royal Opera House.

Walnut shapes form the structure and outline of the jewellery with a rich palette of colours incorporating vibrant green and blue hues. An element of luxury is added with etched gold and silver mirrored shapes, adding depth to the pieces that pay homage to one of London’s most iconic buildings.


Our Moodboard


Ricardo Bofill

Our collection
Shapes & Objects
is inspired by the works of Spanish architect
Ricardo Bofill.
We admire the buildings Boffi created.
The imaginative use
of colour, materials, and sculptural forms.
Bofill's most profound work is Walden 7
and La Muralla Roja. See our favourite images below!
Walden 7

We had the opportunity to visit this very impressive building and instantly fell in love.

We were amazed by the materials, coloured tiles, got lost in all the curved details


Carlo Scarpa

Arco Studio collection is inspired by the works of Italian architect Carlo Scarpa :
in particular, ‘Tomba Brion’, his concrete cast cemetery located in San Vito d’Altivole near Treviso, Italy.

The elaborate detailing, geometric forms and brutalist contours of the cemetery are reflected in the sterling silver and gold plated rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Arco Studio creates timeless designs which beautifully pay homage to architectural pioneers and as the studio explain, “encapsulates the union between the architectural discipline and the art of jewellery.”

ARCO_Ring_Open Arco 01.jpg
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