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We were given the most wonderful opportunity to collaborate with the Victoria and Albert Museum and artist Onome Otite to create 2 garments inspired by the various wonderful customs and traditions across Africa.

This collaboration was a part of the "Africa Fashion" exhibition that celebrates the richness and diversity of African fashion and features contemporary African designers.

The garments Onome and Chalk designed were used as a base for a series of workshops that took place every week over July and August. Members of the public were able to join in and take part by design their own colourful textile patterns using acrylic offcuts from Chalk jewellery pieces. A selection of these pieces were used to adorn and embellish the garments on display, which grew in shape and colour over the duration of the event!


African culture is as rich and diverse as the 52 countries that make up this vast continent. Specifically, we drew inspiration from the form and colours of Samburu beaded jewellery and the significance and meaning behind their choice of design.

Similarly, the shapes featured on the central section of the garment are inspired by the Ndebele people. Bold geometric patterns featured on architecture were used as a form of expression as well as a form of secret communication amongst each other.

We are so thankful to everyone who came to take part and help bring our garments to life.

Below are some photos of the finished whimsically vibrant garments.

Through art we are able to feel deep emotions and share this universal human experience and connect with each other.

I am glad to be a part of a programme which allowed so many families and individuals to spend their quality time and create art together.

Explore our favourite African inspired pieces

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