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Starry Night

Hi Chalk Tribe! We are excited to invite you to winter interstellar journey with our Starry Night collection!

The sophisticated futuristic aesthetics of this drop was inspired by the Royal Opera House building. The auditorium ceiling of the ROH looks like an observatory which proves us to explore sky.

Being in the auditorium during the performance is close to stargazing.

The Royal Opera is a perfect location to spend a night admiring the brightest opera stars, being dazzled by their performance.

The catchy oval motif repeats the trajectory of the stars’ movement in the night sky. They invite you to spin in a slow dance like the sounds of music in the majestic auditorium.

For our statement limited edition pieces use classic, yet striking colour palette: velvety black, luxurious gold, hazy bronze and silver glitter that shines like millions of stars.

Our precious pieces are made of sterling silver with gold vermeil, honey citrines, mysterious smokey quarts and bright tourmalines.

In the spotlight of “Starry Night” show we have:

Eris - the 10th planet of solar system. Discovered in January 2005, the planet became the second-largest known dwarf planet in solar system. Our Eris pieces will be nice compliment to your party look.

Rhea is the second largest moon of Saturn. It was named after the Greek Goddess, The Mother of Gods.

Our delicate Rhea piece is a lovely talisman that will be with you through the adventure of life.

Gaia is the Earth, the life herself.

Made of precious metals and natural gemstones, these shiny pieces represent the abundance of the universe.

What kind of performance will take place on this stage? That is up to you and you are very much welcome to participate. Write your story. You are the main character. Stars are here to guide you.

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gloria morris
gloria morris
20 déc. 2023


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