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The Revival in collaboration with The Royal Opera House.

Photography by David Leventi

Our latest collection is our second collaboration with The Royal Opera House. Our previous collaboration focused on the beautiful architecture of the Hamlyn Hall building, embracing the intricate metalwork designs and the elegant curves and lines of the hall. This time round we have entered the main auditorium, looking up at the opulent ceiling.

It was a memorable journey exploring the luxurious interiors of the space, looking at the craftmanship and rich sumptuous materials used. The timeless beauty and dramatic details of the auditorium are very much at the heart of creating this collection. Embracing the regal and elegant colour-ways carried through the architecture of The Royal Opera House.

Above - The Auditorium and Stage of the Second Covent Garden Theatre in 1810 - From Microcosm of London, New York Public Library Digital Collections.

I have had always been interested in the architecture and designs of historical Opera Houses around the world. The architecture never fails to make me feel that I'm in a presence of something profound and majestic. I remember the first time I went to see Swan Lake the ambience, the drama, the lavish set and how the sound filled the auditorium took my breath away. It was absolutely stunning.

Photogrpahy by David Leventi


While researching for the dramatic details of the Opera House, I came across this talented artist who captured the true essence of the Opera houses and I was in awe of his photography. I loved how he conveyed the stunning colours of each opera house he captured. His photography expressed the depth and richness each Opera Houses proudly holds, which is what I hope I convey in this new collection.


A collection designed to wear the opulent architecture of the Royal Opera House intimately.

A snapshot of the inspiration:



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